With Sylva, Telco Cloud is on the path of open source

Linux Foundation Europe announces a new project with the main actors of european Telecoms, amongst which Orange.

To meet their new needs, the infrastructures of Telecom operators invest increasingly in the Cloud.

To improve their security, flexibility, and independence, Orange, and several other partners, such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and Ericsson invest in open source. Their collaboration has just taken a step further with the mid-November project Sylva announcement. Hosted by Linux Foundation Europe, Sylva aims at creating an open Telco Cloud platform of reference, which each actor may appropriate freely, and which ensures the interoperability of the solutions launched on the market. The providers of services and networks will be able to develop their products on the basis of this architecture. Meanwhile, the operators, that create their Telco Cloud from Sylva, will keep full control over their infrastructures, investments, and the choice of their suppliers. That will be, in particular, the case with Orange Group, that, as of now, has announced to rely on Sylva to launch the new generation of its solution “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS).