Orange on GitHub

Bellow is the list of top 10 active Orange Open Source projects hosted on GitHub for the different organisations under the umbrella of Orange:
Orange Open Source
hurlHurl, run and test HTTP requests with plain text.towards5gs-helmOpen-source project providing Helm charts for deploying Free5GC and UERANSIM on a Kubernetes clusterLa-Va11ydetteApplication web qui est une liste de questions / réponses afin de faciliter les audits d’accessibilité entre autre. Tout est prévu pour rajouter / modifier la liste de questions pour l’adapter à ses besoins (performance web, qualité front…). m-danmDan is a mobile application (Android and iOS) which explains accessibility guidelines and presents the best practices of a mobile systems in actionOrange-Confort-plusThe target of Orange Confort+ functionalities is to enhance user experience on web sites, which are already accessible, or still accessible. Orange Confort+ provides these services : Typography – user may change: font size, space between words, characters and lines, font-face to Open Dislexic Layout: cancel layout, text align left, numbering list items, modify navigation links appereance, disply a reading ruler Colors : Modify foreground/background colors Behavior: direct access to main content on page load, automatic selection of page clickable elements with a user defined delay, page scrolling on simple user on hover. Be careful, Orange Confort+ does not improve the accessibility level of a web site: blocking points still stay blocking points, with or without Orange Confort+.cppuprofilea C++ library for monitoring CPU, Memory and execution time targeting Linux embedded devicesgalera-operatorGalera Operator automates tasks for managing a Galera cluster in Kubernetesbmc-cacheIn-kernel cache based on eBPF.Orange-Boosted-BootstrapOrange Boosted is a framework library accessible, ergonomic and Orange branded based on BootstrapconllueditorConllEditor is a tool to edit syntacit dependencies in CoNLL-U format.
Orange Cloud Foundry