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Bellow is the list of top 10 active Orange Open Source projects hosted on GitHub for the different organisations under the umbrella of Orange:
Orange Open Source
hurlHurl, run and test HTTP requests with plain text.IoT-SAFE-APDU-libraryAPDU library to communicate with a GSMA IoT SAFE applet ( library for monitoring CPU, Memory and execution time targeting Linux embedded devicesnoria-ontologyThe NORIA-O project is a data model for IT networks, events and operations information. The ontology is developed using web technologies (e.g. RDF, OWL, SKOS) and is intended as a structure for realizing an IT Service Management (ITSM) Knowledge Graph (KG) for Anomaly Detection (AD) and Risk Management applications. The model has been developed in collaboration with operational teams, and in connection with third parties linked vocabularies.Orange-Confort-plusThe target of Orange Confort+ functionalities is to enhance user experience on web sites, which are already accessible, or still accessible. Orange Confort+ provides these services : Typography – user may change: font size, space between words, characters and lines, font-face to Open Dislexic Layout: cancel layout, text align left, numbering list items, modify navigation links appereance, disply a reading ruler Colors : Modify foreground/background colors Behavior: direct access to main content on page load, automatic selection of page clickable elements with a user defined delay, page scrolling on simple user on hover. Be careful, Orange Confort+ does not improve the accessibility level of a web site: blocking points still stay blocking points, with or without Orange Confort+.hurl-devHurl specifications and documentationods-iosA SwiftUI components library with code examples for Orange Design Systemaccessibility-statement-lib-iosThe accessibility declaration library contains a view that indicates the WCAG compliance status to be integrated into your iOS mobile applicationfqdnFully Qualified Domain Name manipulationiptrieIP addresses and prefixes lookup trie
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