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Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des 10 projets open source Orange les plus actifs pour chaque organisation gérées par Orange et hébergées sur la plateforme GitHub :
Orange Open Source
OCast-JVMThe Orange OCast SDK provides all required API to implement API to implement cast enabled applications and devices.optisam-backendOpTISAM (Optimized tool for inventive software asset management) is a tool for the Software Asset Management Compliance Audit and Optimization Tool. This monorepo contains all the backend servicesNMaaSThe NMaaS (Network Monitoring as a Service) is an open-source platform which enables to deploy and manage containerized applications on a pool of physical machines. The NMaaS is more precisely a collection of open-source components (Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Prometheus, Rancher) which is deployed and installed automatically by Ansible.spring-boot-autoconfigure-proxyThis Spring Boot library provides network proxy auto-configuration.fossologyFOSSology is an open source license compliance software system and toolkit. As a toolkit you can run license, copyright and export control scans from the command line. As a system, a database and web ui are provided to give you a compliance workflow. License, copyright and export scanners are tools used in the workflow.casskopThis Kubernetes operator automates the Cassandra operations such as deploying a new rack aware cluster, adding/removing nodes, configuring the C* and JVM parameters, upgrading JVM and C* versions, and many more…Orange-Boosted-AngularAll the custom Orange components of Boosted, working with Angularangular-swagger-uiAn angularJS implementation of Swagger UIhasplayer.jsHttp Adaptive Streaming javascript player based on HTML5 premium extensions (MSE/EME)fiware-openlpwa-iotagentA bridge between the Orange LoRa® network and the OMA NGSIv1 protocol used by the Orion Context Broker as well as by other components of the FIWARE ecosystem
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