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Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des 10 projets open source Orange les plus actifs pour chaque organisation gérées par Orange et hébergées sur la plateforme GitHub :
Orange Open Source
datashare-android-libAn android compatible java library to access Orange Datashare APIhasplayer.jsHttp Adaptive Streaming javascript player based on HTML5 premium extensions (MSE/EME)spring-social-weiboA "Spring Social" extension for weibosimiasqueA developer tool to hide Android status bar under an overlay maskglimpGlimp is a Javascript Library for image processing using WebGLOrange-ExpLoRer-Kit-for-LoRaThe LoRa® Explorer Kit is a development board powered by Microchip that allows easy and quick prototyping of IoT objects and services using LoRa® <>technology. This very compact starter kit consists of an Arduino-based platform supporting LoRa® module, Bluetooth module, PCB antenna, rechargeable coin battery and temperature sensor. This Orange library is provided to allow you to quickly and easily develop and prototype your different projects using the Microchip RN2483 module on the board.opnfv-cloudify-clearwatervIMS Clearwater deployment and lifecycle management with Cloudify Orchestratordocumentare-simdocNew Developments are now done on . Library and tools for similarity measurement, classification and clustering of digital content and segmentation images from digitized documentangular-swagger-uiAn angularJS implementation of Swagger UIOrange-Boosted-BootstrapOrange Boosted is a framework library accessible, ergonomic and Orange branded based on Bootstrap
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