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Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des 10 projets open source Orange les plus actifs pour chaque organisation gérées par Orange et hébergées sur la plateforme GitHub :
Orange Open Source
a11y-guidelinesOur vision of mobile & web accessibility guidelines and best practices, with valid/invalid examplesoctantA front-end for the Z3 SMT solver that makes it usable on data available on OpenStack rest API.okoExtend Open vSwitch with eBPF programs at runtimehasplayer.jsHttp Adaptive Streaming javascript player based on HTML5 premium extensions (MSE/EME)OCast-JS-ExamplesCast JS SDK implementation examples : ES5, ES6 and Angular 5xtesting-onap-robotXtesting used for ONAP robot testsOCast-iOSThe Orange OCast SDK provides all required API methods to implement cast applications for the Orange stick.OCast-DongleTV-JSOrange Stick TV SimulatordiafuzzerDiameter interfaces fuzzer. Its fuzzing process is based on concrete network traces, and it uses 3gpp and ETSI specifications to fuzz efficiently.Orange-Confort-plusThe target of Orange Confort+ functionalities is to enhance user experience on web sites, which are already accessible, or still accessible. Orange Confort+ provides these services : Typography – user may change: font size, space between words, characters and lines, font-face to Open Dislexic Layout: cancel layout, text align left, numbering list items, modify navigation links appereance, disply a reading ruler Colors : Modify foreground/background colors Behavior: direct access to main content on page load, automatic selection of page clickable elements with a user defined delay, page scrolling on simple user on hover. Be careful, Orange Confort+ does not improve the accessibility level of a web site: blocking points still stay blocking points, with or without Orange Confort+.
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