• Q: The version of the software package [XXX] present on the site is old. Is it the version actually used?
    A: The versions available for download on the site are the right successive versions used in our distributed software and the firmware of our products and services.
  • Q: The sources listed for the product [XXX] are the same as those listed for the product [YYY]. Isn’t that an error?
    A: This is not an error. For example, the firmware for the LiveBox 1 from Sagem, and the LiveBox 2 from Sagem, are built from the same software base.
  • Q: Will I be able to replace whole or part of the original firmware on the device [XXX] with my own firmware?
    A: Such an action is generally not allowed. French legislation related to telecommunications requires the access provider to take any action necessary to protect the integrity and security of its network and communications.
  • Q: I have another question. Where may I get more information?
    A: You can contact us directly.