Marine Detect: Advancing Marine Species Detection with Artificial Intelligence 

Marine Detect is an innovative project that leverages Deep Learning technology to advance the detection and identification of marine species.

These models were developed in the context of the Let’s Revive project in partnership with Tēnaka. Tēnaka emphasizes impact measurement through Tēnaka Science, a platform sharing monthly coral ecosystems data. To automate data collection, Orange Business and Tēnaka partner to deploy an underwater research station with cameras. The detection models, powered by YOLOv8, can identify 17 different marine species of fish, invertebrates, and megafauna specifically present in the island of Tioman in Malaysia. The solution automates monitoring and enables marine biologists with more time for restoration.

Explore more details about the development of these models and access the model files and annotated datasets in this GitHub repository. By open-sourcing these models, we aim at contributing to the research and conservation of marine ecosystems.