Cozy Cloud: two Orange applications reusable by developers

We present you two applications that were developed as part of the Mes Infos project, led by the FING, to test the Self Data concept. They are designed to work in a Cozy Cloud environment, a personal cloud for running local applications that use the user’s personal data to provide various services.

1. La musique de mes films

Rediscover with this application the music from the movies you have watched on your Orange Livebox!

The application manages a library of movies you have watched from your Orange Livebox (VOD or Replay) or added manually. This library is created in your Cozy Cloud though the Orange VOD connector. By querying some Open Databases (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Musicbrainz) the application searches for the original soundtracks of the movies viewed and, if successful, offers to listen to them on Deezer.

2. Mapping My Life

Track easily the geolocation of your mobile over a period of time.

The application displays the location data of the mobile terminal recorded by the mobile network during calls or SMS (sent or received) and, if the user consents, a more precise location (2 times per hour). This geolocation database is created in your Cozy Cloud though the Orange_Mobile connector.

Main features:

  • Timeline: time filter for selecting the displayed data;
  • Map: displays on a map all geolocation points and their type (calls, SMS …);
  • Frequent locations: displays the most frequent locations, grouping the geolocation points, and also allows them to be named (house, workplace, etc.);
  • Itinerary / Route : displays the itinerary of the day you choose.

Find the projects on our GitHub: La musique de mes films and Mapping My Life; both published under MIT license.