Orange contributes to gnpy project

gnpy is the name of a tool developed within the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), of which Orange is a member. TIP is a collaborative telecom community that was launched in February 2016 with the goal of accelerating the pace of innovation in the telecom industry. According to the initiative’s GitHub page, its mission is:

“We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing complexity.”

The goal of gnpy is to build an end-to-end simulation environment which defines network models of optical device transfer functions and their parameters. Such simulations provide validation of the optical performance requirements for an Open Line System. The tool is based on a Gaussian Noise Model. Orange’s work contributes towards openness and interoperability in optical networks.

See our contribution on Orange-OpenSource GitHub. gnpy is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD.
Go to Telecom Infra Project GitHub to see the initiative’s other works.