Strong audience at Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2020 with 110 participants

The seventh edition of Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble took place on February 14th, with an agenda focused on IoT (Internet of Things), Edge Computing and the Eclipse Foundation. Orange has strongly participated to the event by being part of the selection committee, sponsoring the conference and presenting two speeches:

  • Heterogeneous Device Management with Eclipse OM2M based on oneM2M abstraction layer by Sébastien Bolle and Cyrille Bareau (Orange) – see the presentation | video;
  • Benchmark Eclipse Edge solutions: ioFog and Fog05 by Franck Roudet (Orange) – see the presentation | video.

The agenda contains links to all the slides and speech recordings (all presentations in English).

Two interesting pieces of information about Eclipse Foundation have been shared during this event:

(1) the launch of a new Working Group “Tangle EE” in partnership with IOTA (Tangle is a Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) proposed by IOTA and promising to be energy efficient),

(2) the strategic focus for 2020: position the Eclipse Foundation as the home of European strategic open source, including the deployment of an Eclipse GitLab infrastructure for hosting Eclipse open source projects.

Contacts: Sebastien BolleFranck RoudetCyrille Bareau.