“Telephone” app now available on iPhones

“Telephone” – the application that we presented as it was launched for Android, is now available on iPhones too!

Screenshot from the app
Screenshot from the app “Telephone”.

“Telephone” helps you answer your calls serenely by managing your incoming and outgoing calls in a smarter and easy way. Among the services that the application offers are: Reverse Directory, Antispam and information on the cost of the calls with premium numbers.

After the Android version, the application is now available for iOS 10 and 11 and works on iPhones 5 and newer. Unfortunately iPad is not supported.

The project was developed using open source solutions, such as: Gloss, libPhoneNumber-iOS, CocoaLumberjack/Swift, PromiseKit/Alamofire and Gifu, as indicated in the “About” menu.

Read more about the Telephone app in our previous article and download it from Orange Labs Prime Zone.

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