Name Date Size Licence Checksum Website
bluez-2.13 (bz2 file, 538.96 KB) 538.96 KB GPL 2.0 bluez-2.13's official website (new tab)
busybox-1.01 (bz2 file, 1.15 MB) 1.15 MB GPL 2.0 busybox-1.01's official website (new tab)
e2fsprogs-1.38 (bz2 file, 3.08 MB) 3.08 MB e2fsprogs_EXCEPT original BSD GPL 2.0 e2fsprogs-1.38's official website (new tab)
iproute2-2.6.15-060110 (bz2 file, 463.26 KB) 463.26 KB GPL 2.0 iproute2-2.6.15-060110's official website (new tab)
linux-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 31.48 MB) 31.48 MB GPL 2.0 linux-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
linux-clip_mod-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 8.31 KB) 8.31 KB GPL 2.0 linux-clip_mod-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
linux-cy7c67200_300-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 63.05 KB) 63.05 KB GPL 2.0 linux-cy7c67200_300-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
linux-dspvoice-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 68.70 MB) 68.70 MB GPL 2.0 linux-dspvoice-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
linux-extended_hid-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 34.18 MB) 34.18 MB GPL 2.0 linux-extended_hid-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
net-tools-1.60 (bz2 file, 191.98 KB) 191.98 KB GPL 2.0 net-tools-1.60's official website (new tab)
linux-usbcore-2.6.15 (bz2 file, 87.49 KB) 87.49 KB GPL 2.0 linux-usbcore-2.6.15's official website (new tab)
openssl-0.9.8e (bz2 file, 2.58 MB) 2.58 MB openssl_SPECIFIC openssl-0.9.8e's official website (new tab)
rp-l2tp-0.4 (bz2 file, 241.40 KB) 241.40 KB GPL 2.0 rp-l2tp-0.4's official website (new tab)
samba-2.2.12 (bz2 file, 1.68 MB) 1.68 MB GPL 2.0 samba-2.2.12's official website (new tab)
toolchain-mips-linux-uclibc (bz2 file, 58.37 MB) 58.37 MB GPL 2.0 LGPL 2.1 toolchain-mips-linux-uclibc's official website (new tab)
toolchain-mips-linux-uclibc-prebuilt (bz2 file, 24.28 MB) 24.28 MB GPL 2.0 LGPL 2.1 toolchain-mips-linux-uclibc-prebuilt's official website (new tab)
wireless_tools-28 (bz2 file, 160.71 KB) 160.71 KB GPL 2.0 wireless_tools-28's official website (new tab)


To build your mips-linux-uclibc toolchain:

cp sagem.config .config

ATTENTION! The toolchain does not build in parallel, when
make invoked with a -jN (where N is a number >=1).

The result is in: build_mips_nofpu/staging_dir/

To use the toolchain, just export it to the PATH:
export PATH=”${PATH}:$(pwd)/build_mips_nofpu/staging_dir/bin”

You can also copy the toolchain to another place, eg.:
cp -a “$(pwd)/build_mips_nofpu/staging_dir”
export PATH=”${PATH}:/opt/toolchain/linux-mips-uclibc/bin”