Orange Confort+: an Open source solution to enhance the comfort of all

Orange proudly presents Confort+: a service, that provides around twenty adjustments, to adapt web sites, to your needs. Whether you have visual impairments, or simple eyestrain, problems of word recognition, because of dyslexia, or other reasons, difficulty to use a mouse, or to setup your computer, Orange Confort+ gives you the solution: a setting to be made once, and all web sites shall take your preferences into account.

Orange Confort+ is a browser extension, free to download, available for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 11, operating in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish. The default language is the visited site’s, and can be customised.

The settings offered, by the service, concern the areas

  • Typography
  • Layout
  • Colours
  • Behaviour

You may find out more, about the project, at Confort+‘s official website.
Source code is available, at, published under the GPLV2 licence.