OW2 consortium


OW2 is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of open source in the domains of middleware, generic business applications and cloud computing platforms. Orange is a founding and strategic member of OW2.

Thus, Orange is involved in the governance and the management of the OW2 consortium; Orange is the leader of the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) supported by OW2; Orange drives or contributes to several Open source projects hosted by OW2.

OW2, as a non-profit organisation, exists because of its Members . OW2’s budget comes mainly from the membership fees, and also from subsidies of collaborative projects  for which OW2 is a member (mainly in charge of dissemination).

Current projects

Currently, Orange contributes to:



CLIF, distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is dedicated to load and performance testing, for any kind of system. Clif allows to inject traffic (in a variety of protocols like http, FTP, SIP…) and to use probes for measuring resource usage (processor, memory, network…).



JOnAS (Java Open Application Server), distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is a leading edge Java EE 5 certified Enterprise Server. JOnAS is designed with OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) based service architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable application server.



Sirocco, distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is a multi-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service software platform featuring: management of multiple cloud providers, multi-hypervisor support, unified self-service Web portal and programmatic access through a REST API.

Open Source Accessibility initiative

Creation of the “Open Source Accessibility initiative” was spearheaded by Orange in 2016 within the neutral framework of OW2. It was founded in order to leverage an open source collaborative approach to digital accessibility, through software projects (several provided by Orange) and other deliverables, such as training courses, communication tools, guidelines, etc.

Major historical projects

Orange’s contributions included :

  • VESPA (Virtual Environments Self-Protecting Architecture) – an architecture and software framework,
  • Fractal – a modular, extensible and programming language agnostic component model and its implementation Think (THink Is Not a Kernel),
  • Components supporting persistence: JORM Speedo Perseus MEDOR,
  • Java bytecode manipulation framework ASM,
  • SalomeTMF  – a test management tool.

See what’s new:

  1.   The OW2 2020 Conference took place last June – because of the pandemic, as virtual-only event. For the occasion, the OW2 team worked hard to adapt RocketChat (an OW2 hosted project), making it a fantastic place to meet, watch the pre-recorded presentations, and discuss with the presenters and other attendees in real time. While […]

  2. OW2con is the annual event of the OW2 community, it brings together technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from all around the world. It will take place on June 17-18, 2020, this time fully online. The central theme of OW2online’20 is: “The Challenges of Full-Stack Open Source“. This background theme refers to […]

  3. Sometimes adults and children need to train their muscles before getting an arm prosthesis or to recover control of injured limbs. However even if there exist some training solutions they may be expensive or not fun, specially for children. Baah Box is a project where a DIY box is connected to sensors or joysticks used […]

  4. On June 12th and 13th, Orange Gardens hosted OW2’s annual conference under the theme “Open Source: toward Industry Maturity”. The event gathered nearly 300 participants and 60 speakers from 13 European countries, highlighting the importance open source and OW2 now have for industry. And present an opportunity for Orange to showcase its significant involvement in […]

  5. OW2 is an independent open source community committed to making available to everyone the best and most reliable enterprise computing infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and cloud computing technologies. The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop a code base of open source software and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. […]

  6. OW2 consortium presents a tool called clif-web-proxy. Instantly and transparently generate your scenarios for testing the performance of your web applications with CLIF, from within your browser. This project aims to make it easy to capture a web “session”, in order to be complementary for tools that tests network behaviour/load of web apps (like CLIF). […]

  7. A11ygato – accessbility dashboard for website monitoring. A11gato is a web interface that allows you to monitor the accessibility of your websites.  The suite is composed of a webapp (the dashboard), a CLI and a Node.js API. Both the CLI and the API are published in the npm repository on GitHub. The dashboard is a […]

  8. Paris Open Source Summit, the annual meeting of European open source, was held on December 5th and 6th at the Pullman Docks in Paris for the 4th consecutive year in a row. This fantastic edition gathered around 5500 experts and amateurs around the theme: the place of open source and French actors in the digital […]

  9. Orange-OpenSource GitHub homepage Presenting Orange Open Source organisation Github web site which aggregates information about all our open source projects. This web site has been built with: Home made CSS based on Boosted-Boostrap, Javascript functions to get projects information base on Github Pages and GitHub API, Images, fonts and icon from Orange brand, all under the Apache 2.0 Licence. View […]

  10. After the success of Orange Boosted with Bootstrap, we are pleased to announce the publication of Orange Boosted with Angular. All the custom Orange components of Boosted 4, working with Angular 2. Learn more on ng-boosted.orange.com and go to Orange-Boosted-Angular repository on GitHub. The source code is licensed under the MIT license and the documentation […]