Signs@Work – Signs @ Work – How to say “Hackathon”, “Cloud”, “Coopnet”, “Copil” in LSF?

Each company has its jargon, each job has its technical terms. Frequently, in oral, the Franglish wins. Sign Language French (LSF) has become a working language increasingly common in the exchanges that have the hundred deaf speakers and performers working at Orange. The deaf speaker worker in LSF, often isolated, needs, as the interpreters, to be aware of terminological evolutions and neologisms.

Signs@Work then offers a dictionary used by communities or professions. Funded by Orange’s Mission Insertion Handicap, the collaborative lexicon Signs@Work proposes a web solution developed in OpenSource.

Thus, Signs@Work facilitates the professional inclusion of employees, facilitates exchanges and promotes a better dialogue. This makes it possible to take into account the needs of any employee, valorize and improve the well-being of the deaf employees of the company.

Signs@Work provides tools to be able to offer new signs, search for a concept or a term, and vote for proposed neologisms.

You can contact us at:

See the Github repository of Signs@work.

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