The OpenAirInterfaceTM Software Alliance (OSA) is a non-profit consortium fostering a community of industrial as well as research contributors for open source software and hardware development for the core network (EPC), access network and user equipment (EUTRAN) of 3GPP cellular networks. The Alliance sponsors the initial work of EURECOM towards the development of 5G Cellular Stack on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.

OSA has created its own OAI Public License v1.1 (FRAND based) under which part of the code developed is published (4G RAN, 5G RAN and 5G CORE – 4G EPC is published under Apache 2.0, under migration towards BSD-3 Clause).

Orange is one of the Strategic Members of the Alliance together with Nokia, Fujitsu, Qualcomm, Facebook, Interdigital.

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  1. The French Windsurf Championships (1–3 November 2019) were an opportunity to experiment with the deployment and use of an aerial network. The new connectivity bubble concept made it possible to add a network coverage dedicated to broadcasting an immersive video on the site of the sporting event. The solution was developed based on open-source software […]