An open source IOT platform community towards industrial maturity

The FIWARE Community is an independent Open Source Community which aims to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will boost the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors: cities, energy, industry, agriculture, etc.

Actors in IoT like cities increasingly ask for more autonomy in their developments and start to add a “non-vendor lock“ criteria in their project requirements. Open source solutions like FIWARE answer these requirements and help cities to move towards digitalization with sustainable solutions.

FIWARE global architecture is centered on a Context Broker to break the silos and unleash data potential for innovative services. Thanks to FIWARE and by adopting common standard APIs and information models, cities can achieve their transformation with minimum effort but great impact, and join forces with other cities to build an ecosystem in which they can connect and collaborate.

  • The FIWARE foundation was launched in October 2016 by Atos, NEC, Engineering, Orange and Telefonica (All are platinum members of the foundation. NEC joined in 2018)
  • Headquartered in Berlin
  • Actually more than 150 members from around the world
  • 120 cities in 24 countries have adopted FIWARE
  • Large ecosystem with + 1000 start up
  • Standardization:

Orange contributions in FIWARE open source community

Cepheus, a FIWARE enabler for IoT Data Edge Consolidation. Cepheus is a CEP (Complex Event Processor) to process IoT Data at the edge of the network.

FIWARE LoRa IoT Agent, a bridge between the Orange LoRa network and the FIWARE Context Broker.

An additional and strong Orange contribution to the open ecosystem of FIWARE we can mention is the contribution to the new format of FIWARE APIs: NGSI-LD (LD for Linked Data) standardized in the ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (CIM).

International initiatives

Currently, Orange stays active in the FIWARE community, also by setting up international initiatives based on OBS presence worldwide and on FIWARE interest in areas of the world where IoT open source solutions answer technical and economical requirements.

In Germany, Orange Business Services is actively exploring the market as the German government has launched an initiative to boost smart city development and as Germany is lagging behind other countries like The Netherlands, Denmark.

In Tunisia, Orange and WeGo (a worldwide organization of smart cities based in Seoul) have chosen FIWARE to provide a waste management service and a citizen app to the city of La Marsa.

In Africa, the EU Wazihub project, in which Orange is partner, is developing FIWARE in Senegal in the field of Smart Agriculture.

Leveraging the presence of Orange Business Service brand in India (Gurajat State 40 smart cities contract) Orange Labs in New Delhi is supporting FIWARE in the field of Smart Agriculture and Smart Cities. These solutions could also be shared by African countries.

In China, where the Smart City market is booming and where local players are now global, Orange Labs has signed a Memorendum Of Understanding to co-innovate on a FIWARE based technology with a city in the Great bay Area of Southern China (Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou).

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  1. Fiware is an Open Source platform and Orion is its broker component that handles NGSI entities and subscriptions. Orion is heavily used inside the PIXEL europen project and widely used to collect data from IoT and so on. python-orion-client is a Fiware Orion API Python client implementation. It comes along with helpers to handle NGSI […]

  2. ETSI’s NGSI-LD primer ETSI has published a primer (manual for beginners) on NGSI-LD – a standard used in FIWARE platform and also Thing’in platform. The primer is focused on using NGSI-LD API in the context of FIWARE context-broker but it may be useful for other usage of NGSI-LD. Orange is member of ETSI and FIWARE […]

  3. OpenLPWA IoT Agent is a java library that serves as a bridge between the Orange LoRa®* network and the OMA NGSI protocol used by the Orion Context Broker as well as by other components of the FIWARE ecosystem. This library was written using following libraries: Eclipse Paho (client mqtt) Fiware NGSI Library Spring Web and […]