1. ETSI’s NGSI-LD primer ETSI has published a primer (manual for beginners) on NGSI-LD – a standard used in FIWARE platform and also Thing’in platform. The primer is focused on using NGSI-LD API in the context of FIWARE context-broker but it may be useful for other usage of NGSI-LD. Orange is member of ETSI and FIWARE […]

  2. Orange has initiated transportPCE, an OpenDaylight project related to the control of OTN/WDM transport networks, relatively static by nature. AT&T, Telia and Comcast have joined the initiative since they share the same needs of programmability and openness of transport networks. Some system vendors have also joined the initiative in order to share their own vision […]

  3. Orange has just pushed another contribution to Eclipse OM2M open source project, which is one of the first open source implementation of oneM2M standard architecture in the world. Orange considers Eclipse OM2M as a key project from the overall eclipse IoT program in the open source initiatives of the Internet of Things. Orange previous contribution […]

  4. hasplayer.js is a javascript client for playing HAS (Http Adaptive Streams) contents into HTML5 browsers with the help of the MSE (Media Source Extensions) and EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) extensions specified by W3C. The Open source project hasplayer.js ( is based on DASH Industry Forum’s dash.js project, a javascript client that aims playing back MPEG-DASH […]