Version 1.3.0 of hasplayer.js has been released on Github

hasplayer.js is a javascript client for playing HAS (Http Adaptive Streams) contents into HTML5 browsers with the help of the MSE (Media Source Extensions) and EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) extensions specified by W3C.
The Open source project hasplayer.js ( is based on DASH Industry Forum’s dash.js project, a javascript client that aims playing back MPEG-DASH video contents.
The objective of the hasplayer.js project was to extend the dash.js project by providing support for other HAS protocols used in Orange video services, such as Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Apple HLS.
The hasplayer.js is now deployed in some Orange services (WebTV France, live mobile TV for some AMEA countries) and also used by other companies in their video services (VOD and/or live).