1. Speech processing models are computationally expensive, generating environmental concerns because of their high energy consumption. ESSL (Efficient Self-Supervised Learning) addresses this issue, enabling pretraining with a single GPU for only 28 hours. The reduction in computational costs represents up to two orders of magnitude improvement against existing speech models. Its source code is available on […]

  2. Explore the functionality of Orange Design System Charts, a dynamic JavaScript data visualization library built on top of Apache ECharts. This library facilitates the seamless integration of various Orange-branded chart types into websites, ranging from straightforward line charts to more complex pie charts, bar charts, and beyond. With a focus on practicality for Orange developers […]

  3. An abstraction and access control layer for containers on RIOT OS TinyContainer allows to deploy an IoT logic adapted to a context (personalized user experience or deployment of an intelligence model) while controlling access to the exposed IoT resources. TinyContainer was presented in the RIOT Summit in September 2023. In the presentation, we described the […]

  4. LiveObjectsHelper is a repository for resources available at the Orange Live Objects channel on Youtube, which give insight, on how to use powerful extended futures of LiveObjects. Available at GitHub, and distributed under BSD-3-Clause.

  5. A mobile app to help experimenters to get the emotional state of theirs subjects We developed a mobile app to help experimenters get the emotional state of their subjects. This adapted version of the Geneva Emotion Wheel instrument is flexible and configurable for a wide range of context. Data is recorded, stored and easy to […]

  6. This software implements a video coding algorithm based on neural networks. It is implemented in python using the PyTorch framework. The neural networks are pre-trained and allow video encoding at rates around 1 Mbit/s. It is the reflection of 2 publications presented at international conferences: Conditional Coding for Flexible Learned Video Compression (ICLR 2021) [1][2] […]


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  7. ns-3 is an open source network simulator targeted primarily for research and educational use. Considering its broad use, and the number of modelled technologies (see main models and its App store), ns-3 has become a reference tool for Wi-Fi studies, among others. The latest Wi-Fi generation, Wi-Fi 6, comes with a promising technique: the OFDMA. […]