1. WikiFactDiff is a dataset designed as a resource to perform atomic factual knowledge updates on language models, with the goal of aligning them with current knowledge. It describes the evolution of factual knowledge between two dates, named T_old and T_new,​ in the form of semantic triples. To enable the possibility of evaluating knowledge algorithms (such […]

  2. Speech processing models are computationally expensive, generating environmental concerns because of their high energy consumption. ESSL (Efficient Self-Supervised Learning) addresses this issue, enabling pretraining with a single GPU for only 28 hours. The reduction in computational costs represents up to two orders of magnitude improvement against existing speech models. Its source code is available on […]

  3. Explore the functionality of Orange Design System Charts, a dynamic JavaScript data visualization library built on top of Apache ECharts. This library facilitates the seamless integration of various Orange-branded chart types into websites, ranging from straightforward line charts to more complex pie charts, bar charts, and beyond. With a focus on practicality for Orange developers […]

  4. Generative models for dialogue state tracking using RDF State-of-the-art models assume a dialogue state representation based on concepts (slots) and their associated values. For example the system, at some point in the conversation, may believe the user wants the “price” to be “cheap”. However, real world applications naturally show dependencies between concepts: price and location […]

  5. UUV is a solution to facilitate the writing and execution of ento-end (E2E) tests understandable by any human. It’s a coherent ecosystem based on tools that are references in their field: Axe-core, Testing Library, Cucumber, Cypress and Playwright. If used correctly, it integrates accessibility from the development stage, and can be used to establish living […]

  6. Orange Design System helps you create your Orange service with: ods-storybook-theme: an Orange graphic theme to customize Storybook ods-jekyll-theme: an Orange theme for your Markdown documentations ods-android and ods-ios: 2 mobile code frameworks respectively for Android and iOS which will help you increase your design consistency, accommodate a wide variety of content and streamline your […]

  7. FossDash — a tool to collect and display metrics from Fossology. Based on Grafana, the data visualization tool, FossDash allows to collect and to graphically display various metrics resulting from FOSSology, the tool for open source license analysis within any software. Available at


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  8. Orange presents WebShare – a Firefox add-on. With this plugin you could easily define communities, share web pages with them, or everybody, or just bookmark pages for yourself. You’ll be provided with a search engine to retrieve stored pages, and multiple filters to refine searches. At this point, the plugin is not yet pushed but […]