An IoT development kit with IoT Continuum

IoT Continuum  allows you to gain in efficiency by capitalising on everything that has been achieved in the previous development cycles of your industrial IoT project. The components and design used from the start-up phase (PoC ― Proof of Concept) are scalable and compatible with the industrial deployment phase. So there’s no need to redesign, either in the next (convincing) value demonstration phase or in the final deployment and industrial scale-up phase.

The Continuum IoT development kit is here to simplify B2B IoT projects. Any developer wishing to quickly build a working prototype for a given industrial IoT use case as part of a proof-of-concept (PoC) approach will find the development kit highly appropriate.

This development kit is provided by IoT Continuum for developers who want to start from scratch with an IoT Continuum approved development kit.

In this GitHub, you will find the getting started guide as well as all the relevant information to enable you to develop easily with the IoT Continuum development kit: specifications, diagrams, libraries, code examples, etc.