1. An abstraction and access control layer for containers on RIOT OS TinyContainer allows to deploy an IoT logic adapted to a context (personalized user experience or deployment of an intelligence model) while controlling access to the exposed IoT resources. TinyContainer was presented in the RIOT Summit in September 2023. In the presentation, we described the […]

  2. Bmc-cache is a transparent, first-level cache for memcached. Bmc-cache leverages the eBPF technology to enable runtime, crash-safe extension of the Linux kernel, as well as the XDP technology to process memcached requests before the execution of the kernel network stack. Bmc-cache can be used without modifying either the application or the Linux kernel and can […]

  3. Orange presents a KeePass plugin to synchronize passwords with HashiCorp Vault. The KeePass Vault Sync plugin allows a user to get, in a local KeePass file, the secrets he has access to in an HashiCorp Vault. This plugin allows (for now) readonly access. KeePass Vault Sync was developped at Orange Applications for Business under LGPL-2.1. […]