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  1. The Remote Key Server is a solution to manage TLS private keys and certificates in a distributed system. Distribution of sensitive material, especially private keys, requires to take care of the access, the storage, and the duration of the storage of this secrets on server nodes. In the context of a Content Delivery Network, HTTPS […]

  2. Orange presents a KeePass plugin to synchronize passwords with HashiCorp Vault. The KeePass Vault Sync plugin allows a user to get, in a local KeePass file, the secrets he has access to in an HashiCorp Vault. This plugin allows (for now) readonly access. KeePass Vault Sync was developped at Orange Applications for Business under LGPL-2.1. […]

  3. Autonomic Network Security Management Framework is the first component developed within the scope of the SUPERCLOUD European Project, in which Orange plays the role of a Technical Leader. The SUPERCLOUD H2020 project aims to design and implement a security and dependability management infrastructure for distributed clouds that is both user-centric and self-managed. A new security […]

  4. Orange has developed and open sourced a Diameter fuzzer, based on specifications of Diameter applications following rfc 3588 / 6733. Fuzzing is a security oriented activity performed on protocol stacks. Diafuzzer is composed of several different tools: simple and accurate Diameter callflows, based on pcap traces script language to perform additional functions such as logging, […]