This project shares accessibility guidelines, both in French and in English, that apply to the Web as well as to mobile applications (iOS and Android) and desktop contents. Oh, by the way, “a11y” is a frequent abbreviation for “accessibility” in the community.

Go to a11y-guidelines online – or to a11y-guidelines Github repository.

  1. A11ygato – accessbility dashboard for website monitoring. A11gato is a web interface that allows you to monitor the accessibility of your websites.  The suite is composed of a webapp (the dashboard), a CLI and a Node.js API. Both the CLI and the API are published in the npm repository on GitHub. The dashboard is a […]

  2. Orange offers a website dedicated to the development of digital accessibility. This site provides open source (under CC BY SA license) guidelines for web and mobile. It presents the requirements to be followed according to different profiles (designer, developer …). It contains methodologies and step by step examples describing the construction of accessible components often […]