Web front-end

  1. Elm-advanced-grid is an Elm component you can use to add an advanced grid into an Elm application. The list and type of columns is dynamically configurable. Elm-advanced-grid may be used to display large grids in a web page, with in-place sorting and filtering of columns, modification of the columns’ order by drag-and-drop, modification of the […]

  2. A11ygato – accessbility dashboard for website monitoring. A11gato is a web interface that allows you to monitor the accessibility of your websites.  The suite is composed of a webapp (the dashboard), a CLI and a Node.js API. Both the CLI and the API are published in the npm repository on GitHub. The dashboard is a […]

  3. EtheRemark is a simple and effective solution to allow you to create collaboratively web fashion presentations By connecting to a single URL, you have access to a web page divided into two parts: The left side is a collaborative text editor (using the EtherPad tool) that allows you to edit multiple simultaneously and remotely the […]