EtheRemark: a simple and effective solution to create collaboratively web presentations

EtheRemark is a simple and effective solution to allow you to create collaboratively web fashion presentations

By connecting to a single URL, you have access to a web page divided into two parts:

  • The left side is a collaborative text editor (using the EtherPad tool) that allows you to edit multiple simultaneously and remotely the content of your presentation.
  • The right side is the rendering of your presentation from the contents of the left side. This report is re-generated every 5 seconds on the screen of each participant. It is based on the rendering engine remark.

It is thus possible to use this platform to collaboratively create or edit a web presentation, and use the same platform for the presentation itself.

To start using EtheRemark, just load the EtheRemark page and enter the address of an EtherPad “pad” in the text field your pad up page.

You can also contribute to the development of EtheRemark via the git EtheRemark the project.


Try it out: