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OW2 is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of open source in the domains of middleware, generic business applications and cloud computing platforms. Orange is a founding and strategic member of OW2.

Thus, Orange is involved in the governance and the management of the OW2 consortium; Orange is the leader of the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) supported by OW2; Orange drives or contributes to several Open source projects hosted by OW2.

OW2, as a non-profit organisation, exists because of its Members . OW2’s budget comes mainly from the membership fees, and also from subsidies of collaborative projects  for which OW2 is a member (mainly in charge of dissemination).

Current projects

Currently, Orange contributes to:



CLIF, distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is dedicated to load and performance testing, for any kind of system. Clif allows to inject traffic (in a variety of protocols like http, FTP, SIP…) and to use probes for measuring resource usage (processor, memory, network…).



JOnAS (Java Open Application Server), distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is a leading edge Java EE 5 certified Enterprise Server. JOnAS is designed with OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) based service architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable application server.



Sirocco, distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), is a multi-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service software platform featuring: management of multiple cloud providers, multi-hypervisor support, unified self-service Web portal and programmatic access through a REST API.

Open Source Accessibility initiative

Creation of the “Open Source Accessibility initiative” was spearheaded by Orange in 2016 within the neutral framework of OW2. It was founded in order to leverage an open source collaborative approach to digital accessibility, through software projects (several provided by Orange) and other deliverables, such as training courses, communication tools, guidelines, etc.

Major historical projects

Orange’s contributions included :

  • VESPA (Virtual Environments Self-Protecting Architecture) – an architecture and software framework,
  • Fractal – a modular, extensible and programming language agnostic component model and its implementation Think (THink Is Not a Kernel),
  • Components supporting persistence: JORM Speedo Perseus MEDOR,
  • Java bytecode manipulation framework ASM,
  • SalomeTMF  – a test management tool.

See what’s new:

  1. Orange offers a website dedicated to the development of digital accessibility. This site provides open source (under CC BY SA license) guidelines for web and mobile. It presents the requirements to be followed according to different profiles (designer, developer …). It contains methodologies and step by step examples describing the construction of accessible components often […]

  2. Signs@Work is developed by Orange Labs for the Mission Insertion Handicap. It aims in favouring the exchanges and the sharing of the technical signs between the users via a platform conceived for the sign language. This helps the deaf employees and their interpreters to follow the evolution of the company in a digital world. Every […]

  3. Beyond compliance with Orange brand recommendations, Boosted provides accessibility improvements as well as Orange-specific components and interaction choices respecting the framework standards. Components and samples included in Boosted are regularly enhanced according to the needs expressed by Boosted users. The use of a common platform allows us to offer our customers a unique and consistent […]

  4. Learn how to make you apps accessible for people with disabilities thanks to the demo and examples. You will also learn how disabled people use their mobiles. Make every people enjoy your apps on two most popular operating systems. Orange presents a new app: mDAN available under double Open Source license: Apache 2.0 et Creative Commons. The […]

  5. OCARA is developed by Orange Labs for the “Mission Insertion Handicap” of Orange France. The accessibility rules were inspired by the regulations of public access buildings and adapted to the needs for the company. These sets of rules are configurable, they only need to evolve and improve. All the suggestions for this are welcome. In […]

  6. Orange has created such a font, named Accessible-DfA, and made it available as an Open Source ressource. There is a need to improve the legibility of written information. This is particularly so for low readers but also for frequent use, and finally for everybody that want a legible interface. It may be for persons with […]

  7. Orange proudly presents Confort+: a service, that provides around twenty adjustments, to adapt web sites, to your needs. Whether you have visual impairments, or simple eyestrain, problems of word recognition, because of dyslexia, or other reasons, difficulty to use a mouse, or to setup your computer, Orange Confort+ gives you the solution: a setting to be made […]

  8. Thierry Souche (Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Products & Services), has said during his opening keynote for the OW2con’13 conference: “We  don’t invest in Open Source for charity, but for efficiency and  quality. No TELCO will survive without embracing Open Source.” Watch his keynote online.