CLIF, load injection performance test framework

The tests are confronted with a double compromise: test the time compared to the placing time on the market and the costs compared to the return on investment. However, for a given amount of time and money, the more you test, the better the performance and robustness of your applications and services. Response times are faster, failures are fewer and a reduced execution infrastructure will provide satisfied customers and optimized investment and operational costs.

CLIF is a free performance test software initiated by Orange and INRIA in 2003 within the ObjectWeb consortium, then OW2, and managed by Orange since. Currently, CLIF stands out by providing a unique solution for performance testing, QoE monitoring and automated integration testing in the domestic IoT universe.

With CLIF, optimize load tests at lower cost using the same open source framework for almost all of your technologies: Web applications and services, directories, databases, telecommunication platforms … And your team of development will benefit from using CLIF from their favorite Eclipse environment, or obtain nightly performance reports via the Hudson / Jenkins plug-in.

The result is a number of success stories within Orange, such as Orange Wifi Access, the telephony test dedicated to the trading rooms (Etrali), or the Quality of Experience (QoE) WiFi monitoring in the Crédit Agricole agencies.

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