Galera as a Service

Galera Operator makes it easy to manage highly-available Galera clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a Galera cluster.

Galera is a popular, free, open-source, multi-master system for mySQL, MariaDB and Percona XtraDB databases. Galera Operator is tested and built for MariaDB.

Today, Galera Operator can:

  • Create and Destroy Galera clusters from dev to prod environment,
  • Resize cluster size (number of nodes in a galera cluster),
  • Resize Containers (CPU, memory) and Persistent Volumes (disk size) -> Vertical Scalability,
  • Upgrade with control and configuration validation,
  • Automatic failover when a Galera node fails,
  • Backup a Galera Cluster to an external S3 storage,
  • Restore Galera Cluster from an existing backup,
  • Logs (Elastic, Kibana) and metrics (Prometheus),
  • Simplify K8S and Services upgrades.

From developers to db administrator, the goal was to provide a self service solution through API.

Galera Operator reduced TTM and operation costs.

Visit project’s repository on Orange-OpenSource GitHub, where it is published under Apache 2.0 license.