ConllEditor: editor for syntactic annotations in text

ConllEditor is a tool which facilitates the editing of syntactic relations and morphological features of files in CoNLL-U format ( It uses a Java-based server and a HTML/CSS/Javascript based front-end. The editor loads the CoNLL-U file and saves every change to disk (and performs a git commit if the file is under git version control).

CoNLL-U is a Stanford format used to annotate texts in syntax (notably dependency trees). The annotated texts can be used for machine learning tasks in Natural Language Processing. The tool permits to edit easily the syntactic tree structures in a web browser.

The editor provides the following functionalities:

  • editing words (forms, lemmas, upos, xpos, features, enhanced dependencies)
  • editing dependency relations
  • join/split words (to correct tokenization errors)
  • join/split sentences (to correct tokenization errors)
  • undo/redo (partially)
  • git support

This software is under the 3-Clause BSD License. ConllEditor is now available on Orange-Opensource Github.

ConllEditor interface- screenshot