Operators Karma Tools, a toolkit library to facilitate the development of Kubernetes Operators

OKT (Operators Karma Tools) is a toolkit library, in GO language, aiming to ease the development of Kubernetes Operators implemented with the CNCF OperatorSDK.

It brings

  • A “Reconciler” object class that helps the developer to easily design its reconciliation process in respect to common “best practices” (errors management, finalizations, …), and better focus on the application’s business logic to operate
  • A fine detection of changes in resources based on a hash algorithm (as the one used by the ElasticSearch operator)
  • More code capitalization (than the OperatorSDK alone) for Kubernetes Operators developpers
  • A proposition to manage the application life cycle through a State Machine on top of the operator’s controller. This last point is still under developpement

Available at github.com/Orange-OpenSource/Operators-Karma-Tools.


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