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  1. CloudFoundry is typically deployed using the BOSH tool chain automation that drives IaaS through their APIs thanks to CPI (Cloud Provider Interface) connectors. This enables large scale deployments of CloudFoundry to be spanning tens or hundreds of VMs across multiple availability zone, with a restricted team of operators. As one Orange entity is internally deploying CloudFoundry […]

  2. Orange proposal to create a new project in Openstack/Neutron, to ease the interconnection of Neutron networks to IPVPN, has been accepeted during last Openstack Summit. The project, named BGPVPN, is led by Orange and defines a new API usable by external SDN Controllers (OpenContrail, OpenDayLight, Midokura, Nuage…) : Each Openstack API must have a reference […]

  3. Thierry Souche (Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Products & Services), has said during his opening keynote for the OW2con’13 conference: “We  don’t invest in Open Source for charity, but for efficiency and  quality. No TELCO will survive without embracing Open Source.” Watch his keynote online.

  4. Within the Cassandra Summit Europe 2013 in London on Oct. 16-18, Jean Armel Luce, expert in Orange France,  presented the Cassandra usage experience in Orange as well as mod_dup (published under the Apache license), whish eases the application migration to the NoSQL technology.

  5. Thierry Souche, Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Products &  Services, takes place the debate “which place for the Open Source  software in the innovative strategy?”, within the Open CIO Summit 2013. See you, in October. 3rd, at 6PM, in Montrouge, France.