Orange publishes the Orange trust badge library to bring transparency and control to users’ personal data

Orange introduces a library on iOS and Android named Orange trust badge accessible through an open source license.
At Orange, we saw a need to move beyond the establishment of general best practices by providing a recognizable ‘trust badge’ that will give users transparent information and simple control over their privacy. It provides to your customers clear information on what personal data your application is using about them and why and it ensures they have the ability to easily enable or disable the collection of their personal data.
The library also help users to identify if your application has any sensitive features, it explains the age rating of your application and illustrate whether your app includes social networks, in app purchases or advertising. Moreover, it also gives developers the opportunity to highlight their apps’ privacy policies, all within one simple, easy-to-use interface.
For more information, please visit the project page or consult the Orange Developer website.