Properties File Checker, a checker of format

Simple check of configuration files’ format so as to be sure the configuration of the project is good.

A new project has been added on GitHub Orange-OpenSource: Gradle plugin to check properties files

This plugin, written in Groovy, allows to verify if configuration files (having key = value type entries) are well formatted. The advantage of this kind of plugin is to ensure that the configuration files used are well written, thanks to rules based on regular expressions.

The Gradle task of this plugin can be integrated into, for example, Android projects. When the project concerned is in its build phase, the Gradle task of this plugin can make sure that everything is in order and can cause the build to fail if a problem occurs. The operation is very simple: the configuration file of the app concerned is parsed, just like the file having the rules to respect. The lines of these files are loaded into memory and compared to each other.

Find the project page on GitHub, released under the MIT license.