Searching through Orange VOD catalog: new possibilities

New app called “Au petit bonheur la VOD” (Eng.”Hit and Miss VOD”), now available on Orange Labs Prime Zone, gives you the possibility to jump between searches and thus discover interesting videos to watch that you wouldn’t normally search for. It relies on the concept of serendipity, which means a pleasant surprise; discovering something by accident, unexpectedly, whilst being on a quest for something else.

The app allows a user to click on any word in VOD description texts (synopsis, reviews, actors, title, country…) in order to trigger a new search. Searches can also be entered manually. By doing so, the user “wanders” in our VOD catalog, and those trips are shared among all users, thanks to Flexible Data sync (Webcom) sharing, on the homepage. However, any text entered manually by the user is ignored on the shared paths.
Using the application, users may come across VODs that are less known than the usual blockbusters. Once the user has found a VOD that suits them, they can send it to the Orange STB thanks to our LAN API.

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