Swift-SourcesHeaderChecker: a plugin to check if source files contain legal mention headers

Swift program which checks if source files contain the legal mention header in the top of them. This program can be used so as to be sure the sources contain the notices like copyrights or licenses.

When we share source code on platforms like GitHub or GitLab, or when we work with third-party partners, we have to be sure the source files are protected and contain one thing: the header with the legal mentions.

But how to be ensure all source files have notices? Checking manually each file is boring. Thus this Swift program can be used to check recursively in a folder all sources and check each file if it contains a pattern of license. It can be integrated to IDE build scripts like Xcode so as to make the builds fail when a file has its header missing.

Swift-SourcesHeaderChecker is now available on Orange-OpenSource Github under the MIT license.