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  1. Orange introduces a library on iOS and Android named Orange trust badge accessible through an open source license. At Orange, we saw a need to move beyond the establishment of general best practices by providing a recognizable ‘trust badge’ that will give users transparent information and simple control over their privacy. It provides to your […]

  2. OCARA is developed by Orange Labs for the “Mission Insertion Handicap” of Orange France. The accessibility rules were inspired by the regulations of public access buildings and adapted to the needs for the company. These sets of rules are configurable, they only need to evolve and improve. All the suggestions for this are welcome. In […]

  3. Orange introduces a library on iOS and Android, named BeaconTag and accessible through an open source license. It allows developers to test Orange new “beacons”, connected devices sending Bluetooth Low Energy© signal, and integrate their interactions with their mobile app users. The Orange Beacon Tag are the smartest beacons designed by Orange. They are equipped […]

  4. Stream M is a beta WebM streaming solution. Orange modified existing Stream M code, to extend its features: M3U playlists, support of the HTTP Live Streaming protocol…