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The IoT (Internet of Things) might be a revolution for the industry and for our daily life, with the promise of Smart services for Building, Home, City, Transport, Factory, etc. Orange is already a strong actor in IoT domain with 14,8 millions of objects and 330 millions of data per minute managed by the company.

IoT brings strong interoperability challenges between the different ecosystems of connected objects (OMA LWM2M, LoRa, Zigbee, etc.), the different verticals (Building, City, Factory, etc.) and the different service providers and players.

Openness is key in IoT landscape for ensuring interoperability. Open source is an important driver for faster innovation, faster development cycles. When associated with standards, open source can help in accelerating its emergence and adoption.

Orange contributions in the area of IoT include the collaboration with FIWARE and Eclipse Foundation (Orange is member of Eclipse IoT Working Group).

See what’s new:

  1. Orange today contributes to Eclipse SmartHome open source project, which is a reference in the Smart Home developer ecosystem. Orange considers Eclipse SmartHome as a key project from the overall eclipse IoT program in the open source initiatives of the Internet of Things. Orange implementation of OSGi standard EnOcean Device service specification is now available […]

  2. LoRa® starter kit for IoT from Orange gives you the possibility to experiment with LoRa® technology and create your own connected object. The kit is based on an Arduino platform and comes with a demo program allowing you to get data from a sensor, send it to the cloud through the LoRa® network then visualize […]

  3. Orange introduces a library on iOS and Android, named BeaconTag and accessible through an open source license. It allows developers to test Orange new “beacons”, connected devices sending Bluetooth Low Energy© signal, and integrate their interactions with their mobile app users. The Orange Beacon Tag are the smartest beacons designed by Orange. They are equipped […]