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What is OSAi?

OSAi stands for the “Open Source Accessibility initiative”. Its creation was spearheaded by Orange in 2016 and it is hosted within the neutral framework of OW2, an international consortium devoted to the promotion and development of Open Source software and communities.

Photo: Christian Paterson speaking
Christian Paterson presenting OSAi (picture courtesy of Groupe de travail Logiciel Libre)

OSAi was founded in order to leverage an open source collaborative approach to digital accessibility , through software projects (several provided by Orange) and other deliverables, such as training courses, communication tools, guidelines, etc.

Real benefits

OSAi participants share knowledge, code and experience within several functional domains; each animated by an elected Domain “Leader” For Example: Test and assessment tools, Guidelines and best practices, etc.

In order to facilitate transverse domain sharing, and guide the initiative generally, OSAi organises Steering Committee meetings where Domain Leaders, sponsors and invited speakers discuss domain advancements, ideas for new collaborative projects, and needs for assistance between participants. In 2017 this Committee is chaired by Orange’s Head of Open Source Governance, Christian Paterson.

Beyond this chairperson role, Orange provides industry recognized accessibility expertise, fosters accessibility-related software sharing within OSAi, and of course shares several of its own open source accessibility projects.

Accessibility Events

Orange is proud to be active within digital accessibility events (for example, we co-organised the Paris AccessCamp hackathon, 18 November 2016).

In connection to OSAi Orange has participated to several events, such as:

  • GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day) at Worldline (Paris) and Atos (London)
  • Paris Open Source Summit 2016
  • Federation of Blind People in France
  • OW2con’2017 (hosted by Orange), where an accessibility round table was organised with major players (French administration, Microsoft, Orange, etc.)
Photo: round table chaired by Orange
Accessibility round table (picture courtesy of Daniele Gagliardi) — Left to right: Stéphane Deschamps (Orange), Christian Paterson (Orange), Antoine Cao (DINSIC), Aurélien Levy (Temesis), Alessandro Portosa (Engineering Group), David Monnehay (Atalan)

Open source accessibility projects

Orange has created several open source repositories on Github for projects related to accessibility. These are also made available through OSAi.

Explore OSAi projects:

More info:

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