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  1. Orange introduces an Android app that allows you to access the Memory game on an Orange TV Key. Thanks to the application, kids now have a possibility to play Memory on a TV screen, if they also have an Android smartphone or tablet along with an active service TV Key. Find pairs of identic images […]

  2. hasplayer.js is a javascript client for playing HAS (Http Adaptive Streams) contents into HTML5 browsers with the help of the MSE (Media Source Extensions) and EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) extensions specified by W3C. The Open source project hasplayer.js ( is based on DASH Industry Forum’s dash.js project, a javascript client that aims playing back MPEG-DASH […]

  3. Stream M is a beta WebM streaming solution. Orange modified existing Stream M code, to extend its features: M3U playlists, support of the HTTP Live Streaming protocol…