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  1. Beyond compliance with Orange brand recommendations, Boosted provides accessibility improvements as well as Orange-specific components and interaction choices respecting the framework standards. Components and samples included in Boosted are regularly enhanced according to the needs expressed by Boosted users. The use of a common platform allows us to offer our customers a unique and consistent […]

  2. hasplayer.js is a javascript client for playing HAS (Http Adaptive Streams) contents into HTML5 browsers with the help of the MSE (Media Source Extensions) and EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) extensions specified by W3C. The Open source project hasplayer.js (https://github.com/Orange-OpenSource/hasplayer.js) is based on DASH Industry Forum’s dash.js project, a javascript client that aims playing back MPEG-DASH […]

  3. just-drop-it allows you to simply and instantly send a file to a co-worker or friend, whatever your network configuration (proxy, VPN, and such). Just open your browser, drop the file in it and send the generated link to your friend: the file will be beamed to him without being stored on any platform. More details: […]

  4. LoRa® starter kit for IoT from Orange gives you the possibility to experiment with LoRa® technology and create your own connected object. The kit is based on an Arduino platform and comes with a demo program allowing you to get data from a sensor, send it to the cloud through the LoRa® network then visualize […]

  5. Orange has created such a font, named Accessible-DfA, and made it available as an Open Source ressource. There is a need to improve the legibility of written information. This is particularly so for low readers but also for frequent use, and finally for everybody that want a legible interface. It may be for persons with […]

  6. Orange proudly presents Confort+: a service, that provides around twenty adjustments, to adapt web sites, to your needs. Whether you have visual impairments, or simple eyestrain, problems of word recognition, because of dyslexia, or other reasons, difficulty to use a mouse, or to setup your computer, Orange Confort+ gives you the solution: a setting to be made […]